SPLICE | 17 Employer Branding Strategies for 2014
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17 Employer Branding Strategies for 2014

17 Employer Branding Strategies for 2014

Employer branding is one of the hottest recruiting trends of 2014.  The term seems to be on the tongue of many C-level HR leaders but my question is “will companies truly build employer brand equity or will this be just a hot phrase for 2014”?    Below are 17 focus points when building a great employer brand;

  1. Start with the loudest part of your brand, the career landing page and create a visually appealing and near textless career portal.
  2. Digital marketing equals recruiting; utilize campaigns, landing pages and develop a personality for the recruiting team (they are the front line of contact).
  3. Ensure your talent community is worth joining.  Does it provide something your job notifications, social channels and ATS don’t?  If the answer is yes, then you are doing it correctly.
  4. Hire recruiters and HR folks that can give you innovative accomplishments and goals.  This one is free: Just saying you “do social recruiting” is not innovative.
  5. Data rules! Make decisions in the recruiting process (i.e. tools to use, sources of hires, media spend etc…) based on data, chances are most of the information you require is in your ATS.
  6. Resumes are dying, ensure your systems accept social media profiles (especially LinkedIn) as a resume replacement.
  7. One click apply; two click acceptable but three or more is just dumb.
  8. Mobile optimized pages….best mobile strategy available.
  9. Do not advertise “mobile” if your mobile strategy is applying on a device and then being required to go to a desktop/laptop to complete the application process (see #6 for a resume work around on mobile).
  10. There are tons of recruiting software tools; do your research and know what they do….exactly what they do (they are not all designed to increase applicants, that’s a sales pitch).
  11. Video; short, simple and to the point…oh and have a story to tell, if your video sucks, guess what candidates think about your company!
  12. Video; interview with it…..
  13. Social media is more than throwing up a Facebook page and creating tweets;  highlight your organization and communicate externally and internally through all social channels.
  14. Employees must have access to social networks at work….oh wait they do, their mobile devices.  Don’t be a social media workplace czar.
  15. Market to your internal employees often!  Employee referrals can be up to 50% of your hires and internal employees will leave you for another company doing something you need done (and have an open requisition for…)
  16. Gamification; make work fun!  Create games around things like employee referral where people are rewarded with points, prizes and recognition.
  17. Candidate experience….know what it is, test it and focus on it daily!

These 17 employer branding strategies may seem overwhelming or even foreign.  I am often asked, “where do I start”?  The simple answer is “with a business plan”.  Document your plan, determine a budget and then decide if you need outside help to create a killer strategy and employer brand plan.

Make your 2014 goal to be an employer that communicates and showcases their story…..that’s how you fill requisitions.


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