We focus on candidates’ potential cultural fit, career goals, and intrinsic needs. We seek out the right fit for your team.

Why partner with SPLICE? There are thousands of agencies to choose from… so, what makes us unique?

We focus on harmonious alignment
between outstanding candidates and organizations.

Great employees bring more to the table than basic qualifications. Our goal is to find those candidates who are a great fit for your company. When your team members thrive, your organization thrives.

Contingency Search

Ideal for positions that are less senior or that can be filled relatively quickly. Recruiting services are paid upon successful candidate placement, contingent on the hire.

Contained Search

Allows more depth of search than contingent search, this allows us to deal with the more niche elements of the job specs. This approach is often the best choice for high-growth companies.

Retained Search

Enables a more customized search for roles that are often very unique, high profile or executive level. Operates on an exclusive basis meaning the job will only be filled through us.

Contract Staffing

Used to fill urgent roles, skill gaps, and short-term positions. We take on the risk by being the employer and taking the burden of taxes and other costs associated with hiring a human.

We support all industries

We’ve recently worked with companies in the following fields:

  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • machine learning (ML)
  • robotics
  • space exploration
  • technology
  • e-commerce
  • marketing
  • consumer goods
  • data science
  • advertising
  • retail
  • construction

Roles we fill? Almost everything, but we are really awesome with creatives (UX, designers, artists, etc..), software and hardware developers, engineers, rocket scientists (!!), research scientists, architects, sales people, human resources professionals, project managers, accountants, and C-Level leaders.  We support all continents (except Antarctica) and work on full-time and contract roles.

Consulting services

Whether you need a few hours to brainstorm or several months of guidance, SPLICE can serve as your go-to consultant for:

  • Recruitment Strategy

  • Employee Retention

  • Recruiting Project Management

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  • ATS and CRM Implementation and support

  • Training on recruiting methods and employer branding

  • Recruiting Technology Consulting

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