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Develop a Social Recruiting Strategy

Develop a Social Recruiting Strategy

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Everywhere you turn you hear one buzz word; social!  I am in the field of talent acquisition and companies are always looking for the fountain of candidates; that one place where strong candidates are abundant, java developers fall off of trees and the purple squirrels carry around blue acorns!

Guess what?  Just because you join a social network does not mean you will suddenly find yourself in some utopia of candidates where it rains skill sets and flying unicorns pee coffee and poop sugar cubes!

One thing is certain, there are over 1 billion people (thinking of Dr. Evil as I type this) within social networks; our job is to meet, greet and network with them.  This requires a strategy not bombardment of useless and pointless…..crap!

Creating the strategy is the most important thing you can do PRIOR to jumping into the social land of milk and honey.  Your social strategy requires meaning and must tie into the bigger picture of your company’s goals and objectives.  The three keys of social media include;

  1. Strategy:  plan that marries your business objectives and your business insights to your users.
  2. Enablement:  active commitment to becoming a social business, “social” being a part of the company DNA
  3. Content:  Storytelling!  What you’re saying must pass the “Who gives a crap” test!

Developing your strategy is the first step, which I will take you through in my Building a Social Strategy presentation below, designed as a 2.5 hour interactive workshop.  Also, you can find a Social Strategy Template  I created to go along with the presentation and document your plan!

Good luck on your strategy and if you see any purple squirrels or flying unicorns I know several companies that can use them!

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Three Keys To Social Media found in article HERE

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