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Site Suggestions for Researching Companies

Site Suggestions for Researching Companies

In the age of information their is an abundance of information about anything you want (and some you may not).  Companies beware, your employees are talking about you.  Welcome to the days of interactive information versus the static website where a company “sells” themselves.  I have taken some time to list a few sites that provide information about companies.  I have mixed it up with static sites, interactive sites and news alerts.  I hope you find my brief synopsis on each site useful in your research.

LinkedIn                        www.linkedin.com
Information, more static than interactive, powerful too with resource to connect with employees of companies.  Free and paid versions, I recommend the free version

JobVent                        www.jobvent.com
This is an interactive site where employees review their employer via “love it or hate it”.  Lots of negative reviews (some positive), I would suggest reading each review carefully and formulating your own opinion of the authors information.

Biz Journals                  www.bizjournals.com
Decent information, however I could not find some big name companies listed.  Worth checking out.

Google                              www.Google.com
Master of the obvious, always a great resource.  I am a recent Google convert and love this search engine!

Google Alerts                http://www.google.com/alerts
Receive alerts on companies or anything you want!  Love this feature.

Google Finance             http://www.google.com/finance
Provides financial information, key features include;  list of competitors, links to news articles, full list of financials

Yahoo Finance              http://finance.yahoo.com
Similar to google, provides key information and statistics.

Wikipedia                      www.wikipedia.com
Great history on companies, provides some key information that I was not generally aware.  Useful for the history of a company.

Jigsaw                          www.Jigsaw.com
Easy to use and seems to have relevant information.  However did a search on one of the largest employers in Atlanta and found limited results.

ZoomInfo                      www.zoominfo.com
Option for the paid version, free version offers basic company information, however did a quick search on NCR, and still had HQ data in Ohio.

Glassdoor.com             www.glassdoor.com
Good information, must register an enter data to receive data.

I hope this is helpful.  Please comment and include any sites (especially free) that you find useful when researching a potential employer

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