What a year for the US economy, huh? The ups and downs in the job market have been unpredictable and, at times, shocking. We’ve recently seen major industry powerhouses layoff massive percentages of their talented workforce.

In a recent poll that we conducted on LinkedIn, 70% of responders indicated that they have been laid off at some point in their career. I have been on both sides of this equation… laid off and forced to layoff. It is always emotional, no matter what side of the coin you’re on.

Let’s focus on what we CAN DO for this group of motivated team players that is trying to figure out its next step. We’ve compiled a shortcut list for easy access to company layoff lists. These lists are created with employee permission, for the benefit of connecting their talent with new companies.

We will keep adding to this list in hopes of helping as many people as possible. Please share freely and let’s all do what we can to help get these people back to work!

Amazon 98 Seattle, All Locations list 1
Better.com 285 New York City list 
Beyond Meat 61 Los Angeles, Remote list
DocuSign 170 All locations list 1     list 2 
DoorDash 130 Remote list
Lyft 271 Remote list
OpenDoor 68 All locations list
Peloton 400+ All locations list
Rivian 125 All locations list
Shopify 89 All locations list 1     list 2
Snap 272 All locations list 1     list 2
Starry 122 Boston list 
Stripe 94 San Francisco, NYC list
Twitter 805 All locations list
Wayfair 94 All locations list
Zillow 133 All locations self add list   read only list

You can also find 10,725 people on the Tech Layoff Tracker List.