SPLICE | Recruiting Has Changed, Are You Doing it Differently?
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Recruiting Has Changed, Are You Doing it Differently?

Recruiting Has Changed, Are You Doing it Differently?

Everyday we read articles on how companies are attracting talent uniquely AND how candidates are finding jobs through creative avenues.  Did you hear about Sober Lane, the pub in Ireland that used Snapchat as their recruiting platform?  What about Nina Mufleh landing a job with Airbnb after months of rejection via traditional applications, only to be hired by the CEO?

The future of recruiting is marketing (I will argue it’s now) and the future of marketing is consumer driven branding.  Mobile will continue to grow and millennials will be 75% of the workplace in 2030.  The digital habits of today’s millennials will be the future norms and they will not “evolve into GenX”.

If one can buy a $2,000 flat screen with one click or learn everything about a company in 6 seconds, then I expect to find a job with the same ease.  Heck, anybody can find a date with a single swipe across their mobile device, but it takes 30 minutes to apply for a job?  People like dating and hate searching for a job.

Here is our simple advice for companies and candidates.

Hiring Company: Why will an employee want to spend 50 hours a week doing your bidding?  Communicate your EVP (employer value proposition) in 10 seconds or less and don’t make it a thesis.  Showcase your story and convince your targeted talent why they would flourish (hint; your long, boring job description is not the answer).

Candidates: Why should a potential employer invest in you?  It has nothing to do with a two page, well formatted piece of paper and everything to do with your drive, capabilities and what you bring to the table.  Showcase your skills, stop “applying” for jobs and start telling a story (I go back to Ms. Mufleh). Below are a few more examples of companies and people who are doing it correctly.  Don’t be a copycat, but do rebrand, reimagine and redo!

Irish Pub article

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