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Creative and Sexy Job Postings Rule

Creative and Sexy Job Postings Rule

When was the last time you deciphered a complete job description?  Hiring managers, recruiters and HR folks, do you study the posting specifications prior to the cut and paster that undoubtably will flood your inbox with applicants?  Insert yourself into the applicants shoes and answer this; “when was the last time anyone read every line of copy on a website, career page or job posting?”

We graze, glance and look-see.  We are skimmers!

Well written words (or copy) has its residence in the modern posting, however it is, brief, stunning and impactful.  Billboards remain successful due to the finite time required to read and digest the message while driving 85 miles per hour!  We are always on the go, glancing, grazing and skimming information.  Your job description should follow the billboard rule.

Netflix is searching for a Grammaster (Instagram Master); a candidate(s) to travel the county for two weeks, all expenses paid with a salary of $2,000 USD per week.  The posting was simple and provided all data required for submitting an application.   The process is simple;

  1. Follow @Netflix on Instagram
  2. Hashtag 3 of your best pictures with #grammaster

Creating these types of postings attract the talent they are seeking; ability to take great pictures and use social media.  The process was not lengthy or laborious, It was  interactive, engaging and fun.  How do you think the job will be based on the process?  Thought so….now never let me see a miserable thesis style job postings again.

Netflix job post 2 Netflix job post1

Check out the original Netflix job posting at:  http://grammaster.netflix.com

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