During the COVID-19 pandemic, this quote rings true: “Crisis does not build character, it reveals it.” While likely written to describe individuals, it is equally applicable to Corporate America’s response to crisis. Many organizations have stepped up to ensure both employee and customer safety, implementing and facilitating work-from-home environments. Companies with a stringent history of “no telecommuting” have developed overnight policies for the safety of their people, without sacrificing productivity.

In a recent interview, Mark Cuban described “how companies treat workers during pandemic could define their brand for decades.” He wasn’t referencing their customer-facing persona. Cuban was talking about their employer brand! How companies care for their employees in times of crisis will be publically scruitinized for years to come – either serving to attract or detract potential talent.

At SPLICE, we predict this pandemic will forever change the way we work. We are witnessing a rise in remote workplace confidence among employers. Not only are companies realizing that employees can be productive in off-site locations, they are also seeing the potential for tremendous overhead savings, encouraging carbon-neutrality for the environment, and enhancing employee well-being!

We are highlighting organizations that are saying, “You are valuable to us. We care about your well-being. Work from home to ensure your safety.”  Below is a list of organizations, with links to their career pages, who have successfully implemented work-from-home strategies.

Feel free to send us more and we will add to this growing list!

Airwatch                                  Atlanta, GA                 

ARDD+WINTER                       Atlanta, GA     

Birmingham Heart Clinic     Birmingham, AL

Case-Mate                               Atlanta, GA                 

Disney World                          Orlando, FL                 

Emerson                                  Mobile, AL                   

GitLab                                      San Francisco, CA         

iHerb                                         Irvine, CA                      

Mailgun                                    San Antonio, TX          

MetLife                                    all locations                 

Nationwide Insurance          all locations                 

NERC                                        Atlanta, GA                             

Randstad                                  all locations                 

Remax                                      all locations                 

Remco                                      Birmingham, AL        

Secureworks                            Atlanta, GA                 

SEDC                                         Atlanta, GA                 

Social Talent                            Dublin, Ireland            

Solvay                                       Atlanta, GA                 

STERIS                                      Birmingham, AL          

Swiss Re                                   Zurich, Switzerland     

Tulane University                    New Orleans, LA         

University of Arizona               Tucson, AZ                              

University of Central Florida  Orlando, FL                

 UNC-Wilmington                     Wilmington, NC