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Don’t Miss Easy Branding Opportunities

Don’t Miss Easy Branding Opportunities

Recently in researching the source of application data for a client, we found that Indeed.com was a key hiring platform.  Without fail, every project and client’s data reveal unknowns (minor and major).  In this case, Indeed.com was a primary driver of traffic, applicants, and hires (along with Craigslist, but that is for another day) which was not a huge surprise in itself.

The big reveal discovered in our research was a large number of companies DO NOT take advantage of Indeed’s FREE offerings, including branded pages.  Thousands of candidates are utilizing the review system and the site drives 3x the hires of 3 major job boards combined.

Companies can add video, infographics, testimonials and other branded material for FREE.  Instagram photo feeds, social feeds from Twitter and Facebook are available as well.

Indeed.com drives TONS of traffic to your website (check your career site stats) and sadly a majority of organizations are glossing over this opportunity.

Want to see a few companies that are doing it correctly?  Check out this list below and feel free to add others in the comments.

Thermo Fisher

American Airlines 

Not surprising Indeed has an awesome branded page.  Again, please keep this list growing and let’s recognize organizations doing great employer branding in all areas and platforms!

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