I thought it would be fun to conduct a series on “Wacky, Crazy, HR stories that REALLY Happen.  These stories are all real with names of the not so innocent being replaced.  I hope everyone enjoys this series.  Who knows, we may learn a few things (master of obvious says…what not to do!).

The first story comes from a personal friend, whom I know does not stretch the truth!  This one had me rolling as I read!

Many Moon’s Ago in a Far Distant Galaxy….

This day started as many others did back in my full time Recruiting days. I invited a prospective candidate to our office for an in-person interview and he came in “Very Hungry” for a new position. He came dressed in his best suit and tie ready to impress and what an impression he did make.

The interview started out just as many do with a shake of the hand and a pleasant “hello, how are you doing”. I invited him back to our large conference room and this is where things went a bit, well, different.

The candidate proceeded to pull out of his briefcase, a table cloth and spreads it out on my conference table and then starts to set the table with silverware, cloth napkins and other assorted table accessories. Needless to say at this point I am speechless and I am trying to figure out if I should laugh, stop him right there or just see where this goes!!!

I let him continue, and he then asked me to sit down because he wanted to “Set the Table for Success“!!! Amazing, right….

So I played along as this was just getting good. We both were seated when he said, “One Moment”, He reached down and pulled out a knife, fork and spoon from his brief case…. When I saw that knife I almost got up and did what any ‘sane’ person would do and ask him to leave but he was very harmless or so I thought.   He continued and when he was done with his cutlery presentation said “the only thing that I want you to remember about me is that I am VERY HUNGRY FOR A JOB!!”.

Well, needless to say that I did certainly remember him but not so much for anything on his resume or skills but the “Presentation” was priceless. I still laugh anytime I think about this!!

Great story!  Now I am all about people having a brand and marketing themselves, but this one really takes the cake….  Look for some more stories soon!  Let the comments begin!

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