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How to Leave a Great Impression

How to Leave a Great Impression

Leaving an impression that packs impact and is long lasting is critical to many aspects of your life.  Whether it is for an interview, a new job, a date or any new relationship you are often judged and socially ranked on your first impression.  So why not have an impression strategy checklist.  Here are my 6 T’s to leaving a great impression.

1.  Tude:  (attitude)

  • Be Confident:  this is displayed many ways, however posture, firm handshake, eye contact  and your body movements are among the top ones noticed immediately.
  • Relax:  Don’t twirl your hair, rub your hands together, slouch or appear uncomfortable, being relaxed equates to a certain coolness factor.
  • Use your manners;  hopefully you learned them as a small child (unfortunately each generation appears to lose them more and more).  Having them will set you apart.
  • Humility:  it is not a sign of weakness, so don’t be afraid to show your humble side.
  • Know who you are and be comfortable with yourself, never, ever wish you were someone/something else.

2.  Threads

  • You are what you wear!  Dress for the occasion!
  • Appearance should always be clean and groomed, no matter what the Hollywood jokers are dressing like!
  • Professional functions:  have a good dry cleaner and wear pressed/ironed shirts.
  • Social gatherings:  dress for the occasion, but always be neat and appropriate (better to overdress than under dress).
  • Polish your shoes, match your socks and be sure your belt matches your shoes….simple, easy and yet often overlooked.

3.  Timing

  • If you are early you are on time, if you are on-time you are late and if you are late — just don’t be!
  • Also, don’t be a clock watcher…. nothing expresses a lack of interest like constantly looking at the clock.
  • Transition conversations;  don’t just awkwardly blurt out a new subject or interrupt a good conversation flow, you will get your turn!

4.  Turn it on

  • Be charming; simple gestures such as getting someone a drink refill can go a long way.
  • Be witty;  make thoughtful references to the conversation.  The best way to do this is be a reader and retainer of information.
  • Have something that distinguishes you from everyone else (NOTE:  not cheesy, just unique); i.e.  carrying your grandpa’s old watch is seen as charming, wearing your lucky skull & crossbones belt buckle is not (unless you are a biker)!
  • Do have a great smelling cologne, Don’t smell like you were on a 12 hour Old Spice commercial shoot!

5.  Tune In

  • Always maintain eye contact with people.  Looking off /away gives the impression that you are uninterested, which equals arrogance.
  • Don’t interrupt.  This is really hard when you are excited or an extrovert.
  • Listen!
  • Learn!
  • Love something!  showing passion will define you and leave an impact!

6.  Talking

  • Use people’s names often in conversation.
  • In group settings, include other people in the conversation and try not to be the extreme center of attention.
  • Be interested in what other people have to say.  If your not really interested, then make your exit causally and after listening for 10 minutes.
  • Jokes:  if you have one that is funny, that is fine, but be sure it is funny (and clean)!
  • Jokes in poor taste are the quickest way to be labeled a complete moron, avoid them at all cost even if the door is opened by someone else!

I am sure there are many, many more thoughts on this.  Please comment on things that have others have done to leave a lasting impression!

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