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Crazy HR Stories: Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!

Crazy HR Stories: Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!

Most HR orientations discuss the basics; benefits, PTO, standard policies etc.  Check out this real story and ask yourself, “do you feel lucky”?

In a former employer, we received information that one of our workers was bringing a gun to work, unloading and loading it in the locker room, in front of others.

We checked schedules and contacted the local police for assistance. Sure enough, this young lady would bring a loaded handgun to work, unload it in her locker “for safety reasons” and before she left she would load it up again.

She was experiencing some difficulties in her personal life and felt unsafe coming to and from work. Obviously she was terminated for this. But, now I include in my orientations: Do not bring weapons to work, even to keep them in your locker. If you have safety concerns from the outside that may impact the workplace, please speak with your manager or HR, we may be able to offer assistance.

Lesson learned:  MACE!

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