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Marketing Yourself Into A Job

Marketing Yourself Into A Job

Scenario 1:  You find or hear about a job that sounds ideal for your skills and background.  You apply.  You never hear back!  What went wrong?

Scenario 2:  You learn about a job opportunity.  You research the company, the hiring manager and the position and realize – this is a solid career move.  You apply through the formal channels.  You use every network available.  You provide a portfolio of your accomplishments.  Any difference in the results?

Early in my career everyone said that candidates must “set themselves apart”.  But what exactly does this mean?  In addition to a solid resume which provides “provable” details of your work history and accomplishment,  I believe people need a solid portfolio.  A portfolio is visual imagery of your accomplishments.  It is a portrait of you, painted BY you and sold by YOU.

What details should you include in this portrait?  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Introduction to your personal side:  Paint the full picture of your personality and what is important to you.
  2. Areas of expertise:  List the “headers” of your career and areas you make the most impact.
  3. Key Accomplishments:  High level enough to fit on a slide, but detailed with true and provable accomplishments.
  4. Leadership:  everyone has leadership attributes, even if you are not a manager, director or VP by title.  Highlight key leadership training and/or milestones in your path to leadership.
  5. Learn About:  provide websites, links to articles, links to social networks directing a person to more information about yourself.
  6. Contact Information:  provide an easy way to contact you with questions.

That’s it!  This is something that will set you apart not only in a job search, but also professionally from other people in your field.  For an example of my portfolio.

[slideshare id=3188944&doc=alexputmanportfolio2010-100215193215-phpapp02]

Want to learn more about posting your own slide show presentation, check out Slideshare.net, it’s FREE!

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