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Jaipur Living

created an employer brand highlighting the culture of caring


Jaipur Living’s goal is to increase awareness of their Acworth, GA headquarters, located 30 minutes north of Buckhead. They hire for a variety of positions in technology, marketing, customer service, and warehousing.

The key hiring challenges include the perception of “Atlanta” talent to the suburban geographic location and, not “winning over” the candidates they desire to hire pre resume submittal.


We started with a series of employee surveys and followed up with three focus groups.  The focus groups output included ideas for the employer value proposition (EVP) and content ideas for assets. The information was key to understanding the client from the inside and how we would move forward.

Content was critical to the success of this project. Jaipur Living has an amazing facility, caring leadership and a beautiful story, our challenge was visually communicating the message. We decided to shoot a company video not focused on a particular department, but focused on the core message.

The new EVP “We work together to make life beautiful!” was the anchor for all channels including; the career site (which received a refresh), Indeed.com, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. We added employee testimonials revolving around the EVP and captured amazing stories of promotion, love and care.

As a follow-up, we created and disseminated two pulse surveys and provided data analysis and comparison to the initial focus group data. All copy and assets (including the benefits infographic) were created by our team.

The end goal was providing Jaipur Living’s Human Resources Department with the ability and assets to manage social media campaigns on Linkedin, Google, Glassdoor & Indeed.com.

The video and campaign “We Work Together to Make Life Beautiful” was recognized and placed in several award categories including;

Hermes Award , Videographer Awards , W3 award and a Davey award as selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.


Jaipur Living’s employer value proposition “At Jaipur Living, we work together to make life beautiful” became the voice of their employer brand. The core message was clear to potential applicants that Jaipur Living is more than just a “job.”

Review site ratings on Glassdoor increased over a 12 month period, from a 3.2 to a 3.9. The Net Promotor Score (NPS) increased by 3 points.

Based on the pulse surveys, we saw a 27% increase in feelings towards engagement and accuracy of the career site. 98.4% of people stated the company values and mission are clear.

We redesigned the career site and did all the copywriting, graphic design, videos, layout and design. The goal was an updated site to drive candidates. A few key changes include a “Jobs” option at the top, created three testimonials for the page and designed an infographic that captured the offerings of the organization.

Previous Career site (pdf):  HERE
New Career site (pdf):         HERE

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