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Panasonic Avionics

localize global employer brands for large organization


Goal:  1,000+ new hires in 4 distinct markets; America’s, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East while creating a singular employer brand with cross cultural appeal appeal.

Corporate co-branding resulted in less than desired residual effects.  The existing career site had a 60% drop off rate within the first 2 minutes and 97 % of visitors only viewed the first page.


Created a global employer brand strategy with emphasis on singular messaging, employee engagement and candidate experience. One key milestone was the design and release of a responsive, mobile optimized career page with a CRM component for talent communities.

Messaging was key as data revealed the local candidate pools associated Panasonic with “large, structured and corporate.”  The Panasonic Avionics culture was entrepreneurial with a rich history of innovation and achievement.  Our teams developed an authentic message  that communicated the employer brand  of “entrepreneurial mindset, mixed with a history of innovation and achievement.”

Content was critical and the strategy provided several campaigns, hashtags, themes and campus recruiting plan.  Implementing employee-generated content engaged employees and their networks while boosting referrals.  Finally our team designed and co-managed Panasonic Avionics social media sites including; Facebook and Twitter.

An employee ambassadors program was designed for social media sharing and creating social content used by recruiters during campus visits and key recruiting events. Our team trained the global recruiting team (20+) on employer branding techniques.

Hiring goals were exceeded by 40% in 3 months 

Revamped career site ranked #1 “most visited” page company-wide


Panasonic Avionics was able to hire a record number in one month (115). Their Glassdoor rating climbed from 3.3 to 3.7 and the “recommend a friend” increased from 63% to 78%

The career site had 5.6 pages visited per person and an average of 50,488 visitors per month (in the first 3 months). The total page views reached 283,171 per month and average time on site jumped to 3:44 (almost 4 minutes per visitor).

The focus on social media resulted in 9,000 new LinkedIn followers. 29% of Facebook fans were women (a tough demographic in technology) and women also accounted for 31% of their reach. The page garnered 596 internal likes within the first 45 days, thanks to employee generated content.  Month over month, Facebook reach increased by 68% (per post) and likes increased by 788%.

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