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Case Mate

promoting a fashion start-up’s global employer brand


Company experienced explosive growth with new employee projections of 200+ in the U.S., China, Ireland, Brazil and India.  Case-Mate did not have a talent acquisition department or employer brand.

Case-Mate was (and is) a strong consumer brand with significant social presence (two million fans/followers).  The work environment had a start-up appeal, however no one knew they were growing and hiring.


Created a talent acquisition department focused on employer brand and positive candidate experience.  Initially utilized a start-up / “shoe-string” recruiting approach with a blog serving as the career site, free Bullhorn Reach applicant system for hyperlinking postings  and direct candidate sourcing for open and forecasted positions.

Over the first 3 months, developed a talent acquisition department focused on “recruiting is marketing”. Promoted cultural videos focused on the start-up culture and benefits via career specific social media channels.  Videos served a replacement for job descriptions and where shared via employees personal networks. A responsive career-landing page was developed to highlight the culture versus  standard “job specs” and powered by videos featuring key departments.

The second half of the year focused on processes around “what would I want as a candidate”; blogs, videos, direct contact with recruiters, manager hangouts and several other non-traditional methods assisted in reaching global hiring goals.  Jobvite was the applicant tracking system of choice due to the social sharing ability and tracking of referrals.

Winner of the 2012 Candidate Experience Award

Case-Mate Departmental Video Playlist


Case-Mate hired 175 people in a 12-18 month span; 33% of people interviewed were hired, 31% of hires were from employee referrals and 4% were referrals from candidates rejected during the interview process.  It took an average of 43 days to fill a position and 91% of job offers were accepted.  Case-Mate attracted new hires from larger Fortune 500 brands in the Atlanta area and built excitement around the culture and product. 

The career site was a 2-click apply process with a job feed from Jobvite and averaged 12,671 visitors per month.  Average time spent on the site was 3:27 minutes per visitor.  The 2nd most visited page was the “Culture at Case-Mate” which highlighted company events such as Halloween contest, water ballon fights, nerf wars and other events shared through video and social.

Human engagement was key throughout the process and as of August 2013 Case-Mate had a 4.2 Glassdoor rating.  Videos received an average of 3,294 views per clip and the LinkedIn following grew from 0 to 2,981 within 6 months.  Twitter was a powerful campus recruiting platform with average impressions of 1,787 per tweet.  During a recruiting visit to the University of Georgia, Case-Mate was named “the most talked about employer brand on social media”.  Campus strategy focused on elevating the company name via social media to gain foot traffic and utilizing the products as giveaways (free phone case go a long way).

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